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Soil Stabilization and Dust Control

Vapor Lock is the product of choice when it comes to engineered soil / material stabilization. Utilizing the highest quality materials and with industry leading technical support, Vapor Lock 555 can meet any demanding customer specific application.

Vapor Lock™ 555 is comprised of technically advanced, proprietary sustainable organic water soluble compounds which encapsulate and bind a wide variety of soils and materials into a robust impermeable surface. This stabilizer operates in wide environment conditions to slow and even eliminate the erosion of soils by wind or water thus reducing maintenance, conserving resources, and enhancing safety.

Typical Industry Uses
  • Dry Lake Beds
  • Road Dust Control
  • Soil / Slope Stabilization
  • Solar & Wind Fields
  • Aggregate Mining
  • Fire Recovery
  • Vegetation Restoration
Bulk Material Storage
  • Coal BTU Preservation
  • Road Salt
  • Sand
  • Coke, Slag
  • Mine Tailings & Berms
  • Raw Material Feedstock
  • Vineyards
  • Access Roads
  • Soil Retention
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Water Retention
  • Feed Lots

This video is from one of our contractors.  This video shows the  effectiveness of the product across a full range of road surfaces. 

    • Non leaching
    • VOC free
    • Water based
    • LC-50 96 hour test - Zero mortality with daphnia magna, Fat Head Minnow & Trout
    • Can be applied around  surface water
    • Can be sprayed around vegetation
    • Supports vegetation growth
    • NSF 61 certified
    • Made from sustainable organic resources

    • Improves environmental conditions
    • Increases worker safety & job site productivity 
    • Reduces airborne silica dust
    • Enhances erosion control
    • Reduces / eliminates stockpile & soil wind loss, collapse & fires
    • Preserves stockpile quality
    • Improves solar panel  performance & lowers maintenance
    • More economical than alternatives
    • Improves soil water retention
    • Improves crop quality
    • Protects animal health