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Why a 309 Cure and Seal

01/31/23 09:30 AM By Daniel Duffy

Why does concrete want a 309 Cure and Seal?

A 309 cure and seal is a type of concrete curing compound used to prevent the loss of moisture from freshly placed concrete. The product is applied to the surface of the concrete after it has been finished and helps to maintain a suitable level of moisture, promoting proper curing and hardening. 

Here are some of the key benefits of using a 309 cure and seal:

  1. Improves concrete strength: Adequate moisture is essential for the hydration reaction that leads to the formation of concrete's strength-giving compounds. Using a 309 cure and seal helps maintain the necessary moisture levels for optimal concrete strength development.

  2. Reduces cracking: Concrete that is exposed to rapid moisture loss can suffer from shrinkage cracks. By slowing down the evaporation rate, a 309 cure and seal can reduce the likelihood of cracking in newly placed concrete.

  3. Enhances surface appearance: A properly cured concrete surface has a smooth, dense, and uniform appearance. A 309 cure and seal helps to produce a better-looking surface by promoting consistent curing and reducing the potential for surface defects.

  4. Protects against staining: Fresh concrete is porous and susceptible to staining. A 309 cure and seal helps to protect the concrete surface by forming a barrier that resists staining agents.

  5. Facilitates future treatments: Proper curing of concrete allows for easier application of sealers, coatings, or other treatments that may be desired in the future.

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Daniel Duffy