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  • Green Umbrella Concrete Systems

    309 Cure & Seals, Densifiers, and moisture mitigation

    Has your concrete evolved with the times?

Green Umbrella Systems Savings

All of our concrete systems and treatments are designed to cut your labor, cut your downtime, and cut your environmental impact.

We estimate that you can save over $0.50/sf using our Basic Green Ice Cure & Finish product over your traditional concrete placement.  Below is an estimate on a 350,000 SF placement.  Have a project in mind?  Input your own details here.

How do we achieve these savings? 

Click on the Green Links in the above spreadsheet to take to each systems page to learn more.

Where are the time savings?

Our densifiers are applied at time of placement.  They are S.O.L.O. products.

Are these systems warranted

Both the Better and Best systems come with a warranty.

Can it save time with Polished Concrete?

Yes.  In fact the look of the Green Ice system might be what your user wants without any additional labor which saves even more money.

When can I start polishing?

Three days after placement.

When can I start tilt-up work?

The very next day!