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Southwest Architectural Products

MG-KRETE™ a Permanent Concrete Repair

The ultimate concrete repair!  MG-Krete™ bonds tenaciously to concrete.  MG-KRETE™ is manufactured by IMCO Technologies Inc.  It is ideal for a virtually unlimited range of concrete repairs including thin overlays, pouring into forms, staircases or as a fast-set plug.  In addition, MG-KRETE™ can be troweled vertically and overhead, and cures very rapidly in all weather conditions with most applications returned to service within an hour.

Balcony Repairs in days not weeks.

Do you have a leaky balcony?  Is your balcony spalled and cracked?  MG-Krete™ is a permanent concrete repair that can repair your balcony in one day and have it back in service the very next day! 

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