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What can Specialty Products Group Do for You?

Specialty Products Group manufactures “Best in class” products for all aspects of concrete that carry unmatched warranties in the industry. 

Our products and systems can provide you up to 9 weeks in critical path savings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Here are the links to a few of our core products.

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​​​Concrete Admixtures

We manufacture quite a few separate water vapor reducing admixtures designed for successful floor covering / roofing installations, waterproofing and corrosion protection for rebar. All our water vapor reducing admixtures provide the following benefits:   

    • Reduce the heat of hydration by 8%,
    • Waterproofs concrete (.0017 US Perms)
    • Outperforms crystalline growth waterproofing by 500%
    • NSF 61 approved for incidental contact with food or water
    • Help with reducing shrinkage and dry cracking in un-enhanced concrete up to 20%
    • Outperform a standard SRA up to 20%.

Here is a link to information for Vapor Lock 20/20 Concrete Admixture that stops the moisture and solves flooring/roofing issues. Each project is backed by a $20000,000.00 (CAD) Lloyd’s of London 3rd party insurance policy underwriting the industry’s most comprehensive 10 year moisture and bond warranty.

Here is a link to Vapor Lock 20/21 Waterproofing Concrete Admixture. This product is our standard waterproofing admixture. It is  resistant to chemical intrusion and will help with freeze / thaw in cold weather climates and comes with a 5 year warranty against concrete spalling. We will supply the repair material for the affected area at no charge. This product outperforms crystalline growth products by 500% and will typically save you $5.00-$10.00 a yard. Here are some areas that will benefit from Vapor Lock 20/21.


Vapor Lock 40-40 Corrosion Inhibiting  / Waterproofing admixture. This product will replace the CNI Corrosion Inhibiting Admixture you may currently be using and allow you to switch from epoxy coated rebar to standard rebar. This will reduce cost in products and labor substantially. Vapor Lock 40-40 can also be included in the Double Guard System for additional sub grade protection.


This Corrosion Inhibiting admixture works two ways; addressing both the initiation and propagation phases of corrosion with a second (Maximum Dual Action) ferrous coating film that protects reinforcement steel beyond anything on the market today.  The Ultra Low Permeability and Shrinkage Reducing properties (created by additional c-s-h) is now coupled with a rugged, Nano-level technology that protects steel beyond “first crack” of concrete, insuring the greatest Corrosion Protection possible next to high-end replacement steel 


Both Vapor Lock 20-21 and 40-40 are ideal for the following applications:   

        • Wind turbine bases
        • Parking garage
        • Sidewalks
        • Holding ponds
        • Steam Tunnels
        • Wastewater facilities
        • Bridge decks
        • Gas stations
        • Chemical plants
        • Food processing
        • Industrial
        • Heavy industrial

​​Vapor Lock 401 Surface Densification System

The Vapor Lock 401 Surface Densification System is installed during the installation of the new concrete. It utilizes our Vapor Lock 20-20 in the concrete slabs with the addition of surface applying Vapor Lock 1 during the finishing process. The addition of Vapor Lock 1 will replace the need for silane sealers when the entire system is used. This system outperforms post applied densifiers by 2.5 times and will provide 1-3 weeks in critical path time savings. Our independent data shows an increase of 70% over control. By using the Vapor Lock 20-20 in the slab you will also see these additional benefits:   

    • Eliminates the capillary action and moisture vapor emission
    • Waterproofs concrete (.0017 US Perms)
    • Outperforms crystalline growth waterproofing by 500%
    • NSF 61 approved for use in potable water applications
    • Internal wet curing virtually eliminates shrinkage and dry cracking in concrete, slab curl
    • Outperforms an SRA up to 27%.
    • Reduces ASR up to 52.6%
    • Improved Durability/Extreme Freeze/Thaw Resistance
    • Reduce the heat of hydration (8% Test Results)
    • No need for sealers to stop dusting
    • Flatness-Slab curl   


​​​Waterproofing Solutions

Shield Wall 39 Instant Set water proofing is a water based elastomeric modified liquid rubber two-component system which self-adheres to most exterior substrates. It is an environmentally safe alternative to conventional hot applied bitumen or solvent based protective coatings and is easier to use than plastic sheetingShield Wall 39   provides excellent waterproofing and chemical resistance characteristics generating a highly flexible seamless membrane that resists cracking and aging. Shield Wall 39 is non-toxic and contains 0-VOC's. When we combine  it with Vapor Lock 20-21 or Vapor Lock 40-40 admixtures, we have developed the finest waterproofing system on the market called Double Guard + 1 Waterproofing System.

The Double-Guard +1 System provides a Best in Class 10 Year Warranty against water leakage, interior and exterior coatings adhesion.  This Warranty supplies labor and material to repair any water leak through the concrete as well as labor and material to replace any interior/exterior coating or adhesive applied to the Double-Guard +1 System. This economical system will typically cost $5.00-$7.00 a square foot based on concrete thickness.


Double Guard + 1 System   

    • Waterproof permanent impermeable membrane
    • 0.0017 US Perms
    • VOC Free
    • Excellent Elasticity & Elongation
    • Sets in minutes
    • Accelerate application schedule, (installation can begin in 2 weeks instead of 5 weeks)
    • Backfill 24-48 hrs.
    • Single Application to 80 mils
    • Superior Impact, chemical, puncture resistance
    • NSF 61 Approved
    • Class A Fire Rating
    • Warranted for cracks up to 5/16th"


Ideal for use on: 

    • ROOFS
    • Holding ponds
    • Steam Tunnels
    • Wastewater facilities
    • Sewer mains
    • Chemical containment
    • Dams
    • Infrastructure

​​​MG-Krete, a permanent concrete repair product

Here is a link to MG-Krete. MG-Krete is a proprietary "permanent" concrete repair product for a virtually unlimited range of concrete repairs, including thin overlays, deep fills, pouring into forms, staircases, warehouse floors. In addition MG-Krete can be applied vertically, horizontally and overhead, and cures very rapidly in all weather conditions. MG-Krete can be installed in temperatures as low as 14° Fahrenheit.


Ideal for use on:

    1. Roadways 
    2. Potholes
    3. Sidewalks
    4. Driveways
    5. Industrial Floors
    6. Parking decks
    7. Bridges
    8. Stairs
    9. Airport runways & aprons
    10. Animal processing


Key Advantages:

    1. Cures rapidly under all weather conditions
    2. Bonds tenaciously to concrete
    3. Nonflammable-Highly heat resistant
    4. Non-toxic
    5. No critical mixing ratios
    6. No extensive surface preparation required
    7. Resists oil, gasoline, salt, UV radiation and water
    8. Zero shrinkage
    9. Can be installed at 14° Fahrenheit to 95°Fahrenheit


​​​Dust Control / Soil Stabilization / Pond Liners


By utilizing a combination of Vapor Lock SCS 120 Waterproofing and Vapor Lock 555 we can provide dust control to road stabilization.  Basically, we can waterproof dirt. By doing so, we eliminate the need for water trucks, additional crusher rock from heavy rains, and it is a reusable product.

Here is an overview of the products.



    • VL SCS 120 is a ready to use admixture that has an organic chemical reaction with cement and lime products used in the soil stabilization process. This admixture takes advantage of calcium hydroxides produced by both cement and lime to create a permanent and integral platform of a new subgrade.
    • Basic Uses
      • VL SCS 120 is designed to be used in the chemical stabilization of soil using cement and or lime products.
      • Major Advantages of VL SCS 120

• less moisture loss in the hydration process, allowing better compaction and less cracking or brittleness

• reduced curing time

• improved compressive strengths if reflective cracking is not an issue

• 25% reduction of cement/lime contents for normal compressive strengths

• NSF 61 rating for incidental contact with food or water

•Virtually eliminates leaching of cement into ground water



Vapor Lock 555™ is a waterborne organic matrix coating formulated to offer high performance stabilization to granular road and shoulder projects and retention ponds.  This professional product is designed for ease of application by trained crews and is provided as a concentrate that may require reduction with fresh water up to 15:1 depending on the application. Depending on area of use and number of applied coats, Vapor Lock™ 555 can offer a maintainable road surface.



♦ Granular Road Beds and Shoulders

♦ Granular Parking Lots

♦ Granular Mining and Forestry Roads

♦ Staging Areas

♦ Stock Piles and Tailings

♦ Dust Control

♦ Retention Ponds



♦ Safe alternative to hot-applied bitumen or solvent-based products

♦ Excellent stabilization

♦ Ease of application

♦ Long Wearing

♦ Flexible and seamless, resistant to cracking and aging

♦ Freeze/Thaw Resistant

♦ Environmentally Friendly

♦ VOC free

• 25% reduction of cement/lime contents for normal compressive strengths

•Virtually eliminates leaching of cement into ground water


By combining Vapor Lock 555, 270 R Geotextile and Shield Wall 39 we can provide you with . This system will outperform any sheet lining on the market today.

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