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    Vapor Lock 20/20

Vapor Lock Admixtures

The Vapor Lock family of products are the backbone of SPG (Specialty Products Group). Vapor Lock 20/20 admixture is the heart of the product line.  It uses the free water and various components of cement to create a concrete that does not absorb any additional moisture and therefore allows the on- time installation of flooring which rely on today's VOC free moisture sensitive adhesives.

Vapor Lock Advantages

Each of our Vapor Lock products provides the following advantages.

  • Vapor proofs concrete (0.03US Perms ASTM E 96)
  • Water proofs concrete (1 x 10-9 cm/s permeability ASTM D 5084)
  • Allows easy installation of no VOC (water-based) adhesives & coatings
  • No additional moisture controls required
  • Increases concrete density and hardness
  • Increased abrasion resistance
  • Effective in reducing: Efflorescence, Freeze-thaw, spalling, Delamination, Spider cracking, and Slab curl

Our most popular products are:

Vapor Lock 20/20- stops moisture related construction issues

Vapor Lock 20/21- waterproof and densify to an industrial level

Vapor Lock 40/40- Corrosion Inhibiting & Waterproofing Concrete Admixture

The Vapor Lock family includes solutions for soil stabilization, crushed stone trails, pre-cast concrete, mortar and many others.   Visit for more information.